About Brain Impact Association

      The Brain Impact Association was founded as a part of the ImPACT Program, whose goal is to turn Japan into the country most favorable to innovation and a country brimming with the spirit of entrepreneurship and business start-ups, led by Japan’s Cabinet Office.

There are currently 16 R&D programs in the project and Dr. Yoshinori Yamakawa, Ph.D from Kyoto University, also the President of the Association, is the leading researcher of brain healthcare.

Our mission is to realize a world where each and every person can live a long and happy life by keeping their brain healthy as it governs the entire human body.

With the success we achieved in Japan, we are now looking to develop and expand the BHQ community worldwide with companies, organizations, local governments and medical institutions we are partnering with.


      Dr. Yoshinori Yamakawa, Ph.D

      Former Program Manager, ImPACT Yamakawa Program, Cabinet Office Government of Japan

      Specially Appointed Professor at Kyoto University

      Specially Appointed Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology

      Visiting Professor at Kobe University


      March 2016


      36-1 Yoshidahonmachi, Kyoto Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
606-8317 Japan

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