BHQ Projects

Empirical experiment with Central Sports Co., Ltd. and Bspr Co., Ltd.  (August 2021)

During our field study, we introduced the "BHQ Checkup," a comprehensive assessment which analyzes and reports BHQ from MRI imaging results. This  allowed individuals to understand how their brain differs from others and gain valuable information about their well-being. To make the "BHQ Checkup" easily accessible, we collaborated with nearby medical facilities to offer this experience to members of a fitness club. The overwhelming response surpassed our expectations, with registration numbers surpassing the available capacity. This exceptional interest demonstrated a strong desire for increased awareness and understanding of brain health. As a result, the availability of the "BHQ Checkup" is rapidly expanding, with numerous medical institutions across the nation now offering this invaluable experience.

Joint research with Hamamatsu City and Bspr Co., Ltd. (April 2022)

In collaboration with Hamamatsu City, we organized a demonstration aimed at promoting healthy behaviors for both the brain and body. Our innovative approach focused on the "visualization of brain health" as a means to support overall well-being. As part of this initiative, we introduced a new feature exclusively for the demonstration of the Braincure app. Users were able to instantly assess their brain health status, predicted by AI, based on their exercise, diet, and brain training activities recorded on the app. To encourage participation, we selected participants through a lottery system, and those chosen were offered a complimentary experience with the "BHQ Checkup." Unlike traditional health promotion activities that rely on monetary rewards, we opted for the novel approach of visualizing brain health as an incentive. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many citizens enthusiastically took part in the demonstration, demonstrating their commitment to improving their well-being.

Century Brain Project (October 2022)

In Japan, a society that is rapidly becoming super-aged, the average life expectancy is projected to continue rising. To address this trend, we have initiated a research project aimed at studying the brains of healthy elderly individuals. Our ultimate goal is to establish a society where individuals can maintain a healthy brain even beyond the age of 100. While approximately 60% of individuals over the age of 85 require nursing care or assistance, there are remarkable cases of elderly individuals who exhibit surprising levels of health for their age. To unravel the secrets behind their well-being, we have launched the "Century Brain Project." This initiative focuses on analyzing the brain characteristics of these "super" elderly individuals, aiming to uncover the key factors that contribute to their longevity. Through a combination of BHQ measurements, interviews, and surveys, the project aims to reveal the lifestyle choices and mental states associated with a healthy brain. To facilitate the project's success, we are actively collaborating with government bodies and private companies, with the intention of expanding it nationwide. Through these efforts, our vision is to create a society in Japan, a country known for its longevity, where people can age joyfully and thrive beyond the age of 100.